Height: 5'10

Weight: 205 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown




BMG Model & Talent 

456 North May Street

Chicago, IL 60642





Golden Slumber

ClickHole: Thought Bubble

The Fall

A Last Golden Flash Across the Sky

Creatures of the Night

Our House

Chekhov's Gun

To Live and Die in Chicago

Still There

The Raise

The Deadline

Jan Solofski: 1947-2015

Improviser's Workshop


Mercy's Girl

The First Date

G'd Morning

Market Value




Conflicts available upon request



The Green Room                                   2018

Blue Door Collective                      2018

The Voice Lab                                        2017

Acting Studio Chicago                     2017-2018

Vagabond School of the Arts        2016

iO Theater                                     2003-2010

The Second City                          2000-2006




Supporting: "Saul"

Lead: "Palestinian Person"

Supporting: "Tubbs"

Lead: "Rich"

Lead: "Quincy"

Lead: "Carl Lope"

Supporting: "Masked Man"

Supporting: "Francisco"

Supporting: "Travis"

Supporting: "Boss"

Supporting: "Eccentric Man"

Supporting: "Jesus"

Lead: "Sebastian"

Lead: "Fat Man Jibbs"

Featured: "David"

Lead: "Jonathan"

Supporting: "Executive"

Featured: "Courtroom Staff"

Supporting: "Knuckles"






On Camera Training Program (Level 1)  

Scene Exploration                                    


Core Acting Program (Shurtleff Levels 1-3) ; Pilot Prep

On-Camera Acting (Levels 1-3 & Advanced) ; Business Bootcamp


Improvisation, Comedy Writing


Dir. Gus Gavino

Onion, Inc.

Dir. Adem Suljic

Dir. Frank Victor Weinert

Dir. Adem Suljic

Dir. Sarah Holzworth

Dir. Yuyeol Chun

Dir. Frank Carey

Dir. Mario Soto Jr.

Dir. Jason Rolf

Objay Dart Films

Dir. Michael Nowakowski

Dir. Mark Serletic

Dir. Adem Suljic

Second Star Films Production

Dir. Bryce Pegelow

Dir. Daniel Crocombe

Contexture Media Network

Dir. Max Gould-Meisel






Sean Bradley, Courtney Rioux, Anne Ackerman

Robyn Coffin                                           

Katherine Werbiansky                              

Sarafina Vecchio, Jennie Moreau, Janelle Snow, Adrianne Cury

Michael McCracken, Holly Allen, Patrick Mulvey                                   

Charma Halpern, Susan Messing, T.J. Jagodowski

Mick Napier, Norm Holly, Tim O'Malley


Independent Short Film

Internet Usage

Independent Short Film

Independent Short Film

Independent Short Film

TV Pilot (Spec)

Independent Short Film

Short Film (DePaul University)

Short Film (Northwestern University)

Short Film (Tribeca Flashpoint)

Independent Short Film

Short Film (Northwestern University)

Short Film (Illinois Institute of Art)

Independent Short Film

Independent Film

Short Film (DePaul University)

Short Film (DePaul University)

Independent Film

Independent Short Film






Chicago, IL                                              

Chicago, IL                                              

Chicago, IL                                               

Chicago, IL                                                      

Chicago, IL                                                                                                     

Chicago, IL                                                      

Chicago, IL                                                        


Method Acting, Stanislavsky System, Meisner Technique, Shurtleff Technique, Improvisation, Teleprompter, Voiceover, Comedian, Audio Prompter, Ear Prompter, Host, Impressionist, Director, Producer, Writer, Tai Chi, Yoga, Speech, Teacher, Massage Therapy, Meditation Practice